SIA "KARME FILTRS" was established in 1994 and became one of the first private water treatment companies on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Within twenty years we have progressed to being a highly successful company in this field. Our organizational resources include a water treatment equipment assembling facility, design and technology department, and a service division, providing equipment installation, start-up, warranty and post-warranty service, and on-going maintenance and repairs.
Since 1997 our affiliated company - "KF CENTR" Ltd. works in Moscow and successfully promotes our business in Russia. Today, more than 30 Russian subcontractors use equipment and technologies of SIA "KARME FILTRS" and those of our foreign partners. In 1999, another affiliated company - UAB "KF Vandens Technologiju Centras" was established in Vilnius (Lithuania) to work in Lithuanian and Belorussian markets. In 2007 was established affiliated company - "KF BALTICA" Ltd. in Kaliningrad (Russia) to work in the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

SIA "KARME FILTRS" is a team of professionals with a significant practical experience in the field of design, production, installation and commissioning water treatment and water conditioning facilities for industrial and commercial customers. It is a matter of professional pride for us to be of service to our clients at the level of excellence that all of them deserve.