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  • March


    In order to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, from 17th of March, KARME FILTRS SIA will temporarily stop taking water samples and consulting clients at the office during the declared emergency in Latvia. For more information, please call 67618333, 28394132 or send an email to:
    Our company's warehouse will operate in restricted mode. You can order goods by e-mail: or by phone 29123791.
    An employee of Karme Filtrs SIA will contact you regarding product availability and delivery options.
  • August

    An interview with the founder of SIA Karme Filtrs company

    Our partners, clean technologies cluster CLEANTECH LATVIA, have posted on their website an interview with Andrejs Belogorskis, the founder of SIA KARME FILTRS, describing the trends in the development of water purification industry in the context of natural resources efficient use.

    Read the article.

  • July

    Cooperation with LIAA

    On the 6th of July, 2016 SIA”Karme Filtrs” has entered into an agreement with Latvian Investment and Developement Agency (argeement number № SKV-L-2016/531) on the participation in the support program „International competitivness development” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

  • May

    Clean Tech Cluster

    SIA „Karme Filtrs” is a partner of the "Latvian Biotechnology Association" project "CleanTech Cluster," which is being implemented in accordance with the 12/09/2012. Contract No L-KAP-12-0009, in collaboration with


  • May

    Historical brewery Aldaris

    After a several decades of suspended work the late XIX century historical brewery Aldaris is back in business.

    SIA "Karme Filtrs" are glad to congratulate our clients. We are proud that the project involves equipment produced by our company on the basis of membrane water treatment technologies.

    Please find more information on this subject here:,

  • January

    SIA Karme Filtrs takes part in the project "Human resources development or the members of the Latvian Internet Association and the Latvian Association of Telecommunications"

    SIA Karme Filtrs takes part in the project "Human resources development or the members of the Latvian Internet Association and the Latvian Association of Telecommunications" which is co-financed by the European Social Fund. On the 15th of December 2010 Latvian Internet Association and the Latvian Investment and Development Agency have signed an Agreement No.  APA-L-10-0024


  • December

    SIA Karme Filtrs took part in the conference organized by the Green Bridge Forum Riga 2013.

  • October

    Practical conference "Transition to a green economy through the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies."

    As part of the Latvian-Kazakh cooperation program  on the 5th to 7th December, 2013 Riga will hold a practical conference "The transition to a green economy through the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies."

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  • October

    The signing of an agreement with the representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan on cooperation in the field of clean technologies

    On the 15th of October 2013 , as part of the Uzbek- Latvian business forum , SIA "Karme Filtrs" the member of the Clean Technologies Cluster (CleanTech Latvia), represented by the General Director Andrey Belogorsky , has signed the Intention Protocol with the Public Utility Service Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Uzkommunkhizmat ."
    On the first stage of cooperation Uzbek Agency "Uzkommunkhizmat " and the company SIA «Karme Filtrs» ( Latvia , Riga) assume to identify the priority projects for water supply systems modernization in the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as jointly organize inspections of the defined facilities in order to form pilot projects.
    The water treatment technology testing for the chosen facilities will be carried out by means of the "Karme Filtrs" mobile containerized pilot station, taking into account the preliminary survey results.
    Apparently, firstly the focus will be on the facilities of Karakalpakstan , where water sources are the most polluted. This area is also closely located to the Aral Sea that is the spot of an environmental disaster.
    One of the effective ways to solve the small town water supply problems is to install a mobile containerized water treatment plants. "Karme Filtrs" has the necessary experience in this type of solutions. “Karme Filtrs” containerized station has been successfully operating for already several years in Kolka (Latvia). Technology development and production of the plants will be provided by qualified and experienced professionals of the Latvian party, while the operation and maintenance will be the joint concern of the parties. In order to achieve these objectives a joint venture on an equal footing will be set in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    Given the scale and seriousness of the objectives of the program of modernization and development of water supply systems in the Republic of Uzbekistan , including providing the population with quality drinking water  the partners are  hoping for a long and successful partnership .
  • October

    GreenBridge Forum Practical conference

    Latvia- Kazakhstan future cooperation perspectives 
    "Introducing green technologies on the way to green economics" 
    Riga, Latvia
    December 5-7, 2013 
  • September

    Photos from the SIA Karme Filtrs visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan

    Photos from the SIA Karme Filtrs visit of the "Eco Tech 2013" exhibition in Almaty, Kazakhstan can be found here.

  • August

    “H2O. Think outside the sink” –an intensive summer educational program organized by BEST took place in Riga, Latvia, from the 16 to 26 of August 2013 and has been supported by the Riga Technical University and the company SIA Karme Filtrs.

    SIA Karme Filtrs has participated in an intensive academic summer courses program organized by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology).

    The purpose of the events organized by BEST is to strengthen the connections between technical universities throughout Europe and to stimulate the implementation of joint projects between educational institutions and various businesses. The number of BEST members at present time includes 94 higher educational institutions from 32 countries.

    In the year 2013 the subject of academic courses was the Drinking water and its quality.  Students from 22 countries have visited the Karme Filtrs company as part of the academic course. The visit included a lecture about the water treatment technologies, particularly such technologies as nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, getting acquainted with the process of membrane systems assembly as well as the work of the containerized membrane pilot plant. Apart from that students, accompanied by SIA Karme Filtrs chief engineer, had the opportunity to visit one of the Karme Filtrs projects - the municipal water treatment plant in Kauguri, Jurmala .

    Karme Filtrs Company is honored to contribute to the formation of the new generation of technical specialists.

    see the certificate

  • August

    Visit to Kazakhstan as part of the Clean Technology Cluster project

    SIA Karme Filtrs will attend  the "Aqua-Term Almaty, 2013" international water recource management  exhibition in Kazakhstan, Almaty.  

    see more

  • June

    On the 12th of June 2013 the “Business & Baltic States” daily paper has published an article about the SIA “Karme Filtrs” company entitled “Nanotechnology settling down in Riga”.

    SIA Karme Filtrs is starting a joint project together with the Russian Science and Engeneering Center "Vladipor" on low productivity nanofiltration modules production in Riga.

    text of the article

  • April

    Cooperation with LIAA

    On the 20th of November, 2012 SIA”Karme Filtrs” company has entered into an agreement with Latvian Investment and Developement Agency (argeement number № PAK-LIAA-2012/462) on the participation of SIA "Karme Filtrs" in the minister Valdis Dombrovskis trade mission to the Republic of Azerbaijan. The official visit is co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund.

    learn more

  • April

    Clean Technology Cluster

    "Karme Filtrs" Ltd. is a partner company of the Latvian Association of Biotechnology for the "Clean technology cluster" project, which is implemented on the basis of the agreement Nr.L-KAP-12-0009 from 12.09.2012, in cooperation with LIAA and ERAF.





  • April

    An atricle in the weekly magazine "Ir"


    The "Ir" weekly magazine of  02.04.2013 has published an article about "Karme Filtrs" Ltd entitled "Why do Goliaths Trust David"

    “Karme Filtrs” Ltd capabilities in water purification are  highly evaluated in both Latvia and abroad.  The company cooperates with the world's most powerful technology companies.

    The article

  • March

    An article in the „Jūrmalas Ziņas” weekly magazine


    The „Jūrmalas Ziņas” weekly magazine of  08.03.2013 has published an about the nanofiltration plant built by Karme Filtrs in Jurmala- Dzintari entitled "Nanofiltration Plant Testing Starts in Dzintari"
  • February

    An article in the newspaper “Dienas Bizness” under the heading "Green economics"

    On the 11th of February 2013  the “Dienas Business” newspaper has published an article about the SIA “Karme Filtrs” company entitled “Central Asia beckons, just have to be among the first ones”.

    The article

  • December

    An article in the “Business & Baltic States” under the heading "Business. Mechanical Engineering and Metal "


    On the 7th of December 2012  the “Business & Baltic States” daily paper has published an article about the SIA “Karme Filtrs” company entitled “Karme Filtrs: Growth Strategy”.
  • August

    An article in the “Business & Baltic States”

    On the 23rd of August the “Business & Baltic States” daily paper has published an article about the SIA “Karme Filtrs” company called “The Water Flows Where the Resistance is Less”.

    The article


  • August

    Cooperation with Grundfos is expanding

    At the current time the expended cooperation with Grundfos company is being negotiated. The equipment provided by Grundfos is being used in the SIA Karme Filtrs project implementation. As soon as the companies enter the service agreement  SIA Karme Filtrs is to become the service partner of the worlds’ leading  company in the Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. 

  • October

    Food manufacturing industry program “Water for production – quality, safety, effectiveness”

    SIA Karme Filtrs in cooperation with Nalco Osterreich GmbH and Nalco Research Center in Leiden (the Netherlands) in the fourth quarter of the year 2008 is going to implement a program “Water for production – quality, safety, effectiveness”.
    In order to obtain authorization on production selling in Europe and other countries it is essential the water used for production corresponds to the European Union manufacturing industry water quality requirements. 
    Our company SIA "Karme Filtrs" deals with water treatment and purification equipment production and supply as well as project implementation in this field.
    The program includes:
    - a free visit to your company;
    - a free water analysis;
    - a short report on the quality of the water provided with recommendations.
    Possible fields for water treatment:
    1. Microbiological contamination control
    2. Water hardness problems
    3. Corrosion elimination and prevention
    4. Water treatment for heating and cooling contours
    5. Water treatment for steam and water heating boilers
    6. Water filtration
    7. Other problems which refer to technological and drinking water
    If our proposal is a matter of interest to you, please contact our specialists.
    In case you need any additional information please contact Inga Vorobjova and Andis Ozolins.
    Phone/ Fax: 67618333; 67618120


  • August

    Quality Management system compliance certificate EN ISO 9001:2000 is received

    Our company has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System standards: EN ISO 9001:2000.

    The Quality Management System is applicable to: Design, development, assembling, installation and guarantee service of water processing equipment.

    Approval Certificate No: BS 990215.

    Application of the Quality Management System will allow our clients and partners to get the additional advantages and benefits from equipment and services in terms of safety and quality improvement.